paeony products are effective online marketing tools which use the Internet medium to the full.

They are attractive, sticky, FUN, interactive, audio-visual, personalisable, competitive, community-driven, innovative and great quality...PHEW!!

- Attractive : popular themes, and cool characters.

- Sticky : players stay online longer to master games, finish levels or improve their score.

- Fun : people like to play ! So offering them a gaming experience is good for your brand.

- Interactive : players actively interact with brand messages!

- Audio-visual : cool design, sound and animation offer a more compelling and memorable experience.

- Personalisable: insert your branding or your own mascotsand characters within our products

- Competitive: keep passions running high with hi-score tables, email challenge modules and prizes to win.

- Community-driven: social interaction through multi-user play integrated chat, hi-scores and viral marketing offers an ever more attractive, sticky, interactive and compelling experience.

- Innovative: paeony was the first to bring out a full pitch online football game weighing only 270K. And the first in Europe to produce a Shockwave multi-user game: Abalone Online.

- Great quality: You wouldn't want to associate your brand with something less than excellent . Our products are a cut above your average online game: all features are rigourously controlled to ensure overall excellence: attractive design , light weight, good gameplay, cool sound,
simplicity easy to use of use, adapted to your marketing needs